Membership & Baptism


The Bible says all believers are called to be a part of church community. Membership is the intentional step and formal step of joining a Christian community.To be a member of a church is to make a public promise to support the work of the local congregation and to live according to God's Word. This is what is called a covenant according to the Bible. Every believer is a part of the body of Christ, but a public covenant is a commitment to be a part of a community that ensure accountability in every aspect of life. Membership in a congregation is not a social club. It is a commitment to serve the church and the community.

In order to be a member, you are required take the last two sessions of the Foundations class which is held twice a year, (once in the Fall, and once in the Winter/Spring), and meet for an interview with a pastor or elder. Even if you wish to transfer membership, you must go through the process stated above. If you consider Cornerstone your local church, we highly encourage you to become a member.



Baptism is an important moment in a Christian's life. It is a beautiful public expression of faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you wish to be baptized, you are required to attend ALL six sessions of the Foundations class. The Foundations class is offered twice a year. After the completion of all six classes, you will be required to meet for a baptism interview with a pastor or elder and write a testimony which you will publicly share at a later date. We do not practice infant baptism as we believe that baptism is based on a profession of his or her faith.