SWAT, which stands for "Serving With a Truth," is the youth ministry of CCCS and Cornerstone. The purpose of our fellowship is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in our church and communities with the truth we have received in the gospel! We pray and hope that every student will learn to serve our God and community with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ at the foundation of everything they do. We aim to give our students the foundational truths of His word, allowing them to know why they believe what they believe on their own accord. We want their faith to be theirs and not someone else's. We aim to do this by creating programs that are relational, fun, and spiritually/mentally engaging. We’re a fellowship group for youths in grades 7 to 12. If that’s you, come check it out! We look forward to meeting you!

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WHO: 7-12 graders

WHAT: Bible studies, games, fellowship, worship, and hanging out!

WHEN: Every Friday 8:00 - 10:00 PM
Sunday School 10:00 - 11:00 AM

WHERE:  Friday - Matilda 205
Sunday - 7-9 Grade Class: Matilda 205
10-12 Grade Class: Main Library

CONTACT: Pastor Paul Han




Sign-up and register for our summer retreat! It will be from May 24-27 (Memorial Day Weekend) at Kenbrook Bible Camp in Lebanon, Pa. It will be a great time where we get to spend exclusive time with the Lord and in fellowship together! Registration deadline is April 14th! You can sign-up online on the Retreat Page. Link is below!

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Good Friday Service - April 19

On April 19, we are having our Good Friday service at 8pm in Matilda 201. We will not be having SWAT as a result. Come join us as we reflect on the death of Christ

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Easter Combined Worship & Baptism Service - April 21

We will be having a combined Easter Service with all three congregations on April 21st beginning at 11:30am. Earlier at 10am, we will be having a baptism service where several of our brothers and sisters will be getting baptized and becoming members. Come join us on this amazing day where we get to celebrate the resurrection of Christ!


AWAKEN - Begins April 26

We will be starting a new small group series called Awaken. The series is a call for students to awaken their faith and reach their world—their friends, neighbors and classmates—with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The video portion is led by D.A. Horton. Come join us as we dive in to how God is awakening our hearts with the gospel!

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On Fridays at 8pm, SWAT gathers to worship, learn, grow and fellowship together. Every Friday is a little different. Some Fridays we will host "party nights" where SWATTERS are encouraged to invite their friends. On most nights, we have bible studies, praise and prayer nights, bbq's, outings, guest speakers and much much more! Check out our 2018 Fall Schedule!


Youth Sunday School is a time for students to learn the Bible and theology and apply it to their lives. Each week there is a time of praying, sharing, learning, and discussion as well. The youth are split into two Sunday School classes: 7-9 grade in Matilda 205 (taught by Pastor Paul) and 10-12 grade in the Main Library (taught by Tony In and Nathan Liu). Classes start at 10:00 am. Hope to see you there! Please contact Pastor Paul for more information. 


CCCS hosts yearly short-term mission(STM) trips mainly geared for our youth but all are welcome to join and be a part of the team! SWAT has a longstanding relationship with Trinidad and have served there many times over the past 20+ years. In previous years, SWAT has also served in places such as: the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Washington D.C., and Boise, ID. In most cases, we partner with other mission organizations or missionaries to assist them in their ministries. Our hope is that instead of being a burden, we can be a help in any way we can. We know that as untrained missionaries, we can only do so much, so the main purpose of our trips is to experience first-hand the work of God all around the world. It is also a great opportunity for our students to be pushed beyond their comfort zones as we believe that is a crucial part of maturing as a Christian and as a person as a whole. Our mission trips usually take place toward the end of July or early August. 

In 2019, we will be going to Trinidad again and partnering with TTUM from July 26 to August 4! Please contact Pastor Paul if you are interested in attending. You do not have to be a youth group member to apply!