At Cornerstone and CCCS, we have a heart to spread the gospel to the world, especially to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. The vision of the Missions Department is “for believers of all ages to be continually, passionately, investing in reaching unsaved people and to direct a significant majority of our financial and human resources towards reaching the unreached people groups”

According to the Joshua Project, the term “unreached” is applied to people groups in which 2% or less of the population is Evangelical Christian. As a result, the Missions Department has in recent years been actively searching to support missionaries and organizations that reach the unreached people groups.

If you are or know of any missionaries who are in need of support to reach the unreached, please contact us!


Every year, the church hosts a three-day missions conference to inspire, encourage, and convict the body of Christ to actively participate in the building of His kingdom. In previous years, we have had the honor of hearing from speakers such as George Murray, Paul Borthwick and Jamie Hudson Taylor who have encouraged us to reach the unreached and to go out of our comfort zones and be cross-cultural in our missional endeavors.  

The conference takes place the second weekend in October, and we hope you can join us in being challenged by the gospel to reach those who have never heard the name of Jesus! 



To increase the awareness of Jesus Christ's heart for the lost and for the need of missions around the world, Cornerstone and CCCS through the years has sent teams to various places in the United States and around the world. We want to build God’s kingdom wherever we are called to go. If you are interested in applying for a trip, please notify the leader of the trip to receive an application.

Indonesia (World Venture) - May 26-June 8, 2018
The Indonesia Short-term mission trip will be partnering with World Venture, a missionary organization in 60+ countries. The team will be engaging with unengaged, unreached people groups on the island of Sulawesi. They will be staying in local villages, building relationships, and seeking to share the gospel of Christ to those who have never heard it before. The goal is to form relationships that will lead to opportunities to share the gospel which would be continued by the missionaries in the future. 

Application deadline: January 7, 2018

Leader: Pastor Jeff Whisman - jeffwhisman@cccs-nj.org

Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries) - July 28 - August 6, 2017
The Trinidad Short-term mission trip is mainly consisted of youth students, but all are welcome to apply for the team. Participants will join Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries (TTUM) staff in sharing God’s love in churches, during door-to-door visitation, on street corners, and in other impromptu settings. They may engage in labor-intensive ministries such as construction, as well as creative ministries like Vacation Bible School, drama and skits, music, sports, and visiting orphanages and nursing homes.

Leader: Pastor Paul Han - paulhan@cccs-nj.org