Who We Are


We are the English speaking congregation of the Cornerstone Christian Church in Somerset (CCCS). The church was founded in 1975 and began bible studies and worship services in Metuchen, and was known as the “Chinese Christian Church in Metuchen”. It began as a small group of university students seeking to worship together in their native tongue. It began to grow and eventually in 1988, the church purchased the building we are located today and subsequently changed the name of the church to the “Chinese Christian Church in Somerset”. Over the years, the CCCS English-speaking Ministry grew from a "baby-sitter" to a "youth ministry" to a ministry that catered primarily to second-generation Chinese immigrants. In 2007, the English congregation adopted the name “Cornerstone”, to show that Christ is our rock and redeemer. Cornerstone is now ministering to English-speaking people of all races, age groups, and backgrounds, and sharing the love of Christ to our Central New Jersey community.  On January 14, 2018, the church changed its English name to "Cornerstone Christian Church in Somerset" to better represent our vision and mission. 

For more information regarding the Chinese congregations (Mandarin & Cantonese) of our church, please click here.


MISSION: We aim to worship God, exemplify biblical truth, foster Christian fellowship, proclaim the gospel, and equip disciples for community service and missionary endeavors.

VISION: To establish multi--generational, multi-ethnic, and interdependent ministries; empower new generations of church leaders; and engage disciples for the Great Commission.

If you would like to see our Statement of Faith, please visit the page "What We Believe"