THEME: All for One and One for All
WHEN: May 24-27 (Fri - Mon)
WHERE: Kenbrook Bible Camp in Lebanon, PA
Adult Speaker: Rev. Mike Gerhardt
Youth Speaker: Rev. Peter Lee

Our CCCS church-wide summer retreat will be held at Kenbrook Bible Camp. This year, the theme of our church is "All for One and One for All" and we will be focusing on how we can grow to be united in the gospel as one church despite our cultural and language differences! Children's Track is available for ALL sessions!

Registration begins March 24th and the basic fee will be $50. There is no requirement to pay any more than the basic fee. The remaining actual cost (or any amount you choose to give) can be paid as a *free will offering.  Any amount given beyond the cost listed in the registration forms will be considered a tax-deductible donation. The rates of actual cost are listed in the registration form. 

UPDATE (April 14): Registration has officially closed! See you all at the retreat!

*We have come up with this policy so that those of us who cannot afford the full cost of the retreat do not have to feel burdened to pay it. We simply ask that you pay what you can. However, if you are financially able, we encourage you to pay the full amount and if willing, to offer even more to help cover the costs of others. We want to give every opportunity for everyone to attend this retreat to experience God's presence and Word.


Room Type:
Hotel - hotel style room with 2 double beds and a bathroom. (WoodlandMountain View)
Dorm - dorm style room with 2 bunk beds and a bathroom. (Fairland)
Lodge - dorm style room with 5 bunk beds and a big bathroom. (Koinonia)
Cabin - dorm style room with 5 bunk beds, 1 twin bed, and a detached public bath house. (Cabins)
Tent - tent site for 2-8 people tent, includes public bath house. (Tents)

All Youth (SWAT) are assigned to "Cabin" by default.

Room Cost:
Rates below are per person charged by Kenbrook Bible Camp

3 Nights and 9 meals (Fri Dinner to Mon Lunch)

Hotel - $225
Dorm - $205
Lodge - $170
Cabin - $165
Tent (add $75 per site) - $105
Child (3-12) - $139
Infant/Toddler (< 3) - FREE

2 Nights and 7 Meals (Sat Lunch to Mon Lunch)

Hotel - $170
Dorm - $155
Lodge - $130
Cabin - $119
Tent (add $75 per site) - $85
Child (3-12) - $124
Infant/Toddler (< 3) - FREE

Room allocation priority:
1. Elderly or families with elderly (over 65 years old) or infants (under 2 years old) 
2. Families with children between 3 and 11 years old 
3. The rest are scheduled according to time of registration. (First come, first serve) 


Rev. Mike Gerhardt - English Track Speaker

Pastor Mike was born in Philadelphia, PA. He received a BA from Kean University in NJ. He worked for 8 years as a finance analyst. In 1980 he married Janet Lewis. 2 years later, he began Dallas Seminary and received a Masters of Theology in 1986. He has served in ministry at the Chinese Christian Church of NJ in Parsippany, NJ, an Alliance church in Hawaii; and, New Beginnings in Poughkeepsie, NY.  He now serves as the lead pastor of Parkside Bible Church in Watertown, NY. He is a father to three sons: Brandon 27, Trevor 25 and Eric 22. He received his Doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2006.


Rev. Peter Lee - Youth Track Speaker

Pastor Peter Lee was born in Philadelphia, but raised in New York until middle school. He spent his middle school and high school years back in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and went off to Penn State for college. He returned home to attend Westminster Theological Seminary right after college. As an ordained pastor in the KAPC, he has been serving for four years as one of the youth pastors at Open Door Presbyterian Church. He is married to Lynda, and God has blessed them with two boys, Amos and Asher. They just added a new addition to their family (a baby girl!) in February 2019.